How to Install Codeigniter on Ubuntu 16.04

r00t September 1, 2017

Install Codeigniter on Ubuntu 16.04

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to install Codeigniter on Ubuntu 16.04. We will also install and configure its prerequisites. CodeIgniter is an application development framework for people who build web sites using PHP. Its goal is to enable you to develop projects much faster than you could if you were writing code from scratch, by providing a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks, as well as a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. CodeIgniter lets you creatively focus on your project by minimizing the amount of code needed for a given task.

I recommend to use a minimal Ubuntu server setup as a basis for the tutorial, that can be a virtual or a root server image with an Ubuntu 16.04 minimal install from a web hosting company or you use our minimal server tutorial to install a server from scratch.

Codeigniter Features

  • Light Weight, Model-View-Controller Based System.
  • Active Record Database Support.
  • Form/Data Validation, Session Management.
  • Supports Email Sending Class, Image Manipulation Library, File Uploading Class etc.,
  • Maintains Error Logging.
  • Larger help supports and flexible URI Routing.

Install Codeigniter on Ubuntu 16.04

Step 1. First, ensure your system and apt package lists are fully up-to-date by running the following:

apt-get update -y
apt-get upgrade -y

Step 2. Installing CodeIgniter.

Run the following command to download the current version of CodeIgniter:


Unzip the downloaded file:


Rename the extracted directory and copy the unzipped file to “/var/www/html/” directory:

mv CodeIgniter-3.0.6 codeigniter
cp -R codeigniter /var/www/html/codeigniter

Change the ownership of that directory and files:

chown -R www-data: /var/www/html/codeigniter

Finally step, restart the apache2 service by using following command:

systemctl restart apache2

Step 3. Accessing Codeigniter Web Installation.

Now you can access the Codeigniter web install wizard in your browser by entering the domain name or http://your ip/codeigniter and you will see the application running.

Congratulation’s! You have successfully install and configured Codeigniter on your Ubuntu 16.04 server. Thanks for using this tutorial for installing Codeigniter on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) system.


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